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Did I mention my new sideline? Headshots-R-Us! I decided that our management staff needed a better, consistent look on their social media channels and instead of paying a pro mucho denero, I could do it.

The lighting is minimal, softbox on remote Canon 580EX flash, and two very small sidelights that I attempting to blow out the back with. Helps that the girls are lovely. It was a lot of fun getting the right expression out of them. Probably took 100 shots each to get one to work with. Everyone has their own little thing going on that you have to deal with. Some creative post processing and voila! (Please excuse the differing crops, they are set for different channels.)

Kate, (aka Radar). Business Development Manager

Amanda (aka Herder of Developers). Product Manager

Erika (aka Style Setter). VP, Business Development

And moi. Needs to be reshot so the crop is not so close. Self Portraits are the toughest!

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  1. That is a beautiful shot of you!

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